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Cable ties 22HD in

For chemically environments

• Cable ties for installations in chemically environments.
Good performance when exposed to acids.

• For indoor and outdoor installations, with good resistance to UV.

Classification acc./IEC 62275:

- Type I: Widths 2.5 mm and 3.6 mm

- Type II: Widths 4.8 mm and 7.6 mm


Characteristics of cable ties 22HD in


Resistance to traction (loop tensile strength)

Cable tie reference





220 N

22,6 kg

80 N

8,16 kg

130 N

13,6 kg


220 N

22,6 kg


530 N

54,4 kg


530 N

54,4 kg

Added value product

• Resistant to chemical environments in outdoor installations


• Resistant to UV rays


• Good performance at low temperatures


• Good mechanical strength


• Own formulation of the raw material

For high moisture, corrosive (dilute acids) and low temperature indoor and outdoor installations, where a good mechanical resistance is required.


The Cable ties 22HD are commonly used in chemical en petrochemical industries and also in the food industry, in the closed production processes of liquid products ( baby food jars and juices line, milk drink products line, bottled water line), where the cleaning products used are highly corrosive.

Easy mounting and smooth threading

Unex cable ties are easy to thread, allowing quick and effortless manual assembly. Finger-friendly rounded ends.

Inside teeth

Inside flush teeth, assuring tightening and protecting the cable jacket.

Certified system

The quality of Unex solutions is guaranteed by the strict accomplishment of product and application

standards, as well as by obtaining quality marks and approvals.


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Note: Due to the various factors affecting the performance of the cable ties when exposed to chemical agents (concentration, temperature, UV radiation, mounting method, etc.), the particular environments of certain installations should be individually studied with a specific test.