General terms and conditions of use for Unex applications and digital services


Relationships between Unex aparellaje eléctrico S.L. (hereinafter ‘Unex’) and its customers arising from the purchase of products contained in this website / application are subject to Spanish legislation and jurisdiction.

The user is responsible for complying with the technical regulations, installation requirements, product standards or any other technical requirement in each country that are mandatory under their own professional liability, in reference to the design, installation and use of Unex products in the different environments where they are used.

The possibility to save the configurations or calculations made with the Unex applications is basically a service aimed at helping the user remember and/or consult executed projects.

This option is never a database or a repository of projects executed by the user. It is not a Cloud storage service. Therefore, Unex is not responsible for the loss of information that may occur due to errors in the servers, program malfunctions, or any other cause that affects the partial or total content of the data saved by users.

Unex reserves the right, as it sees fit, to delete the content stored on the servers used to store the data saved by users on the Unex applications.

The information provided by the Product Configurators or other Unex applications shall not be considered a purchase order, an order, a supply commitment, a sales or financing offer, nor a means for entering into any type of purchase or other type of contract or agreement with Unex aparellaje eléctrico S.L. or with the companies that have this configurator posted on their website, e-commerce, app, or any other digital media.

The personal data provided in the Configurator, calculation program, or other Unex applications shall be processed in accordance with the provisions of our Privacy Policy.

Everything concerning the following points:

Terms and conditions of use for the Unex Product Configurator

It is the responsibility of the user to choose the suitable products in compliance with the applicable regulations in each country. Unex aparellaje eléctrico S.L. will not be held liable for inappropriate use of the product or unforeseen circumstances in its use.

The Unex Product Configurator is a tool for users who are electrical material distribution professionals, authorised installers, engineers, architects, and people with qualified technical training to understand the concepts used in the Configurator. Unex aparellaje eléctrico is not responsible for the consistency of parameters selected by users.

The user is responsible for the data entered into the program being consistent and logical for the calculation being carried out.

Unex products shall be installed as indicated in the assembly instructions.

The results of the calculations carried out with this program are indicative, therefore it is the user’s sole responsibility to design the suitable technical solutions for each installation or project.

The mechanisms to be used are never included in the lists of materials obtained by using the Configurator. They must be purchased separately. Unex does not sell mechanisms. Any reference to models and trademarks of mechanisms is to indicate the Unex products that are compatible with said mechanisms.

The screws and anchoring systems to fasten products directly, supports, or support systems to the wall, floor, or ceiling are included in the lists of materials obtained through using the configurator. They must be purchased separately and it is the user who must select the most suitable type of anchor, assuming the responsibility for the anchor selected.

Unex does not sell threaded rods. Any reference to said product is to indicate which Unex products are compatible for assembly with threaded rods. The lists of materials may indicate the quantity of threaded rod necessary for a particular assembly, but only as information to assist in the purchase. They must be purchased separately and it is the user who must select the most suitable type of threaded rod, assuming the responsibility for the threaded rod selected.

Unex aparellaje eléctrico does not guarantee that the specific configuration chosen by the user is fully or partially available and its characteristics, descriptions, or other data like the price may vary between the configuration session and completing the purchase.

Unex aparellaje eléctrico does not guarantee that the measurements, dimensions, sizes and proportions of the products shown through the configuration are correct, precise, proportionate, or that they are shown at scale, as it is an application aimed at helping in the selection of Unex products.

Unex aparellaje eléctrico also does not guarantee that the materials, textures, finishes, colours, technical characteristics, and accessories that are shown in the configurator correspond to those available on the market at any time.

The stock of materials resulting from a configuration may not be available at the time of making the purchase with the Authorised distributor. Check the availability of the selected products with your Distributor.

Unex aparellaje eléctrico disclaims all responsibility with respect to the delivery times for material indicated by the Authorised distributors.

The information in this configurator shall not be considered a purchase order or promise of sale, or a supply commitment.

The information provided through this configurator is indicative and non-exhaustive. Likewise, and despite Unex aparellaje eléctrico S.L. making its best efforts to keep the information up to date, this information may not be up to date at all times.

Unex declaims all responsibility for changes that the user may make to the configurator results once they have been transferred to the e-commerce of the Authorised distributor.

Unex declines any responsibility for the installations of its products that have not been carried out following the assembly instructions.