NEW Unex cable retainer 190 in U24X for trunkings 60x190 in U23X
Ref: 73866-00
Retains and facilitates the laying of cables in the trunking.
Ensures the fixing of the cover in the most demanding cases: impact resistance, vertical posts, inverted mountings, outdoors mountings etc.
The trunking is supplied with a retainer every 0.
5m, fixed on the side of the trunking.
If necessary, more retainers can be placed along the trunking.
Quick assembly by simple pressure on the sides of the channel, even when the dividers are mounted on the trunkings base.
Compatible with trunkings 60x130 in white colour.

RRP: 1,65 EUR* / 1pc.
Packaging: 12 pc.
EAN: 8428884047034
Status: Available
Observations: Replace the article 73856
Note*: INCOTERM FCA UNEX Gelida Barcelona. For further information please contact us at:
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