NEW Unex junction 40 mm in U24X
Ref: 73571-00
For sizes 40x60, 40x90 and 40x110, 2 pre-assembled junctions are supplied at one of the trunking´s ends.
These pieces mechanically join 2 trunking lengths guaranteeing a perfect alignment, facilitating the assembly and fixing of the bases of the trunking on the surface.
Pressure, frontal mounting in any section of the trunking, allowing to join different trunking lengths.
When using the junction, the cover will be well-aligned to the base.
Suitable for suspended mountings and also for wall or ceiling mountings.
For size 40x40, the junction is not supplied with the trunking and for its mounting it is necessary to use screws part no.

RRP: 1,31 EUR* / 1pc.
Packaging: 12 pc.
EAN: 8428884042831
Status: Available
Observations: Replace the article 70570
Note*: INCOTERM FCA UNEX Gelida Barcelona. For further information please contact us at:
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