NEW Unex closed rings runway 1 m in PC
Ref: 51601-17
For furniture and cabling wiring. End cap part nº 51600-17 included. Versatile system, adaptable to any office layout. Robustness and mechanical and electrical safety: protection degree IP2X. The system keeps the IP4X protection degree on the furniture box inlet as well as on its connection to service posts, service poles, trunkings and modular boxes. Easy and comfortable mounting from the ceiling, trunkings or technical floor. Encircling rings retaining, arranging and offering a higher protection of the cables. Easily mounted and removed to achieve the desired length. Embellishing piece covering the runway's entry from the ceiling. Ceiling and floor fixing by screws. Colour: Translucent graphite

RRP: 54,72 EUR* / 1pc.
Packaging: 1 pc.
EAN: 8428884042381
Status: Available
Note*: INCOTERM FCA UNEX Gelida Barcelona. For further information please contact us at:
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