Unex perforated cable tray 100x400 in U23X
Ref: 66420
Insulating cable tray according to IEC 61537: 2006 (The values indicated according to IEC 61537: 2006 have been tested under its European implementation EN 61537:2007.
For support, protection and conduction of cables.
Good performance outdoor, to corrosion and to chemical agents (ISO/TR 10358, DIN8061).
Designed to support full load.
Unex insulating cable tray with cover, by complying with the European Standard EN 50085-2-1, is considered a protecting enclosure (trunking).
Impact test for trunkings: IK10 (with cover fixing).
Safety: electrical; mechanical (protection against impacts 20J acc.
IEC 61537; designed to work at 100% cable capacity) and in front of fire (glow-wire test at 960°C; non-flame propagator).
Easy and quick mounting.
No burrs at cutting.
Insulating material.
Length: 3m.
Colour: grey RAL7035.

RRP: 47 EUR* / 1m
Packaging: 6 m
EAN: 8428884001548
Status: Available
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