Unex flat corner 90° 100X400 in U48X
Ref: 66430-48
To change direction 90º in cable tray installations. Hides the cut marks of both cable tray and cover, adding quality finish to the installation. It is recommended to place supports under the flat corner. Colour: Grey RAL 7038. Insulating material. Safety: electrical, mechanical and against fire. No loss of cross-section with regard to the cable tray. Quick and easy mounting. No need for junctions in the mounting process.

RRP: 192,21 EUR* / 1pc.
Packaging: 1 pc.
EAN: 8428884043548
Status: Available
Observations: This article substitutes the article 66430-44
Note*: INCOTERM FCA UNEX Gelida Barcelona. For further information please contact us at:
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