Unex suspended ceiling service pole Ø50x88 H 3,10m in aluminium
Ref: 50043
For supply of workstations from the ceiling in open-plan rooms. Embellishing pieces in U24X. Retainers included. Colour: Anodized grey. Designed to merge into the surroundings. Minimalist and modern style. Slender structures providing the minimum necessary diameter for wiring, easily adaptable to the space distribution and to any relocation. Solid aluminium structure and rigid fixing system. Flexible installation, no maintenance and adaptable to any future changes in the structure and location of the workstations. Two sizes of Service posts and two sizes of pole's socket boxes adapted to all types of switches and sockets. Solid fixing to the module, IP4X impact resistance assured. An extra blind cover permits adapting different sizes and combinations of sockets. Easy mounting. Suspended ceiling embellishing cover, pressure mounting. The pole inner bar is cut at the required length. Ceiling fixing system equipped with a non-skid joint. Possibility of reinforcing the fixing to the ceiling with screws.

RRP: 478,11 EUR* / 1pc.
Packaging: 1 pc.
EAN: 8428884021904
Status: Available
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