Unex 1 cover trunking 50x100 (80 mm cover) in U23X
Ref: 93021-03
Designed to fit in the most demanding architectural and decorative surroundings.
Possibility to attach or flush-mount in walls and furniture.
1 Internal lid.
Possible sub-divisions with a removable divider.
Perforated base every 250mm.
Length: 2m.
Aluminium colour.
Safety: electrical (insulating material, IP4X); mechanical (protection against impacts IK07); and in front of fire (glow-wire test at 960°C; non-flame propagator).
Free choice and composition of the most common switches and sockets, with flexibility to combine them in unlimited number.
Easy mounting: The cover is pressure mounted and removable by means of a tool.
Easy integration with other construction elements (furniture, screens.
Homogeneity of colours between trunking, fittings and adapters.
Can be painted.
Protective film.

RRP: 44,99 EUR* / 1m
Packaging: 4 m
EAN: 8428884022178
Status: Available
Note*: INCOTERM FCA UNEX Gelida Barcelona. For further information please contact us at:
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