NEW Unex single base plate for HVAC 16x71 in U23X for 75mm high cover
Ref: 31175-04
Single base plate for fixing and connecting pipes in split type air conditioning systems. To be used with the Unex c-shape cover Part no. 31021-02. Innovative design that facilitates the handling of pipes and speeds up the air conditioning system assembly process. Solid mounting bases that make the system more secure. Possibility of choosing the most suitable Unex cable tie dimension, up to 7.6 mm width, ensuring the anchoring of pipes and cables. The base slots allow new cable ties to be placed without disassembling material already installed. The fastening of pipes and cables is completely independent. A solid piece for each cover width, which ensures system robustness. No need to alter or cut the base to install it. Fast assembly, because the base is directly positioned on the wall following the straight level line marked previously on the wall. Single base plate dimensions: 47mm.

RRP: 0,96 EUR* / 1pc.
Packaging: 12 pc.
EAN: 8428884040592
Status: Available
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