About us
Independent and specialist manufacturer

Independent European group specializing in insulating systems for the conduction, tying and marking of cables and tubes in power, data, HVAC and ancillary installations.

  • In-house production

  • Respect for the environment

  • Corporate values


    In-house production: Our production capacity is guaranteed by our own manufacturing centres, which allow us to control the entire productive process and assure a reliable delivery service. We do not manufacture generic brands for third parties.


    Respect for the environment: Unex is aware of the global pledge that sustainability implies. This is why we perform all our industrial and commercial activities through the sustainable use of natural resources, the efficient use of energy and a full respect for the environment and society.


    Corporate values:

  • Effort: As a family-run business, the determination to preserve our independence has led us to bringing to market a range of solutions adapted to all the needs of our sector. Our working philosophy and the efforts we have invested in our project enabled us to get further than others and to become the market’s landmark in our speciality.

  • International expansion: Thanks to our long-term vision, we focused on opening new horizons with a clear vocation for world-wide expansion. Our sales offices in Spain, Germany, France, Portugal, Italy and Chile and our international team, make us proud and stimulate us to put our products on all five continents.

  • Teamwork: Nothing would be possible without human resources, our people. With their passion for service and their proud sense of belonging, they set up the responsibility spirit which makes us different, solid and with promising future prospects. In all of us lays the best working attitude and the willingness to act in connection with our common goals.

Technology leader
Research as standard

Since 1964, we constantly exert ourselves to stay the landmark specialist manufacturer within our sector.

  • Research as standard: At Unex we keep a constant task of research and product improvement, with the aim to provide the most innovative and technologically advanced solutions.

  • Reliability: Assuring safety for people and goods has always been our goal. Consequently, the quality of our solutions is endorsed by their compliance with the most stringent European and international standards, as well as by achieving the most prestigious quality marks and approvals.

Own-formulated raw materials
One of our innovation pillars
  • Own formulation: A close contact with our clients together with our 50 years experience in the electrical sector and the participation in various international regulatory committees, allow us to discover the market needs and adjust to its requirements. Therefore, Unex designs its own raw materials.

  • UL Certificate: Unex raw materials have been certified by the control agency UL – Underwriters Laboratories (USA), which assures the compliance of all technical characteristics.

  • Own naming system: To properly identify the product’s raw materials and outstand them from Standard ones, Unex developed its own naming system.

Differentiated solutions
Insulating products for complementary solutions
  • Safety and reliability: Total protection for the user. Unex offers insulating solutions avoiding the risk of indirect contact and reducing the possible outbreak of fire. No earthing required.

  • Evolution and adaptability: Unex solutions adapt to the new requirements allowing for easy modifications and enlargements of the cabling.

  • Aesthetic integration: Unex designs its products with neutral and rectilinear shapes in order to adjust to any environment, space or type of installation.

  • Global solution for workspaces: Complete range offering a maximum performance with minimum number of items.

  • Quality marks: An added value with respect to CE marking. Installing products with quality marks is the best way to assure that they comply with international standards and that all technical data are periodically checked by independent control agencies.

  • Packaging: design, coherence and protection. Maximum protection to assure the material’s perfect condition during transport and handling.

Guaranteed service
Quick and reliable supply
  • Guaranteed supply: The quickness and reliability of our deliveries are assured by a complete stock of all our product families in our logistic centres of Barcelona and Santiago de Chile.

  • Respect and commitment with regard to professional distribution: 100% sales through our wholesalers and distributors. Complete stock and reliable delivery through our world-wide distribution network.


Customer proximity
Our commitment: immediate response


  • Commercial deployment: A strong pledge for expansion with sales offices in Spain, Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, Chile and Mexico, and a wide international presence.

  • Personalized technical assistance: A close co-operation with our clients allows us to discover their needs and be able to satisfy them.

  • Customised advice: Guaranteed by our own team of engineers, both in personal visits and in the training of collectives.


50 years at the client’s service

In 2014 we turned 50 years at the client’s service: Five decades of constant research, technological innovation and commercial expansion, always loyal to our values and company policies and keeping our strong engagement with the environment and society.

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