Cable ties 22DT detectable in



For food and pharmaceutical industries and all applications susceptible to contamination, where detection equipment is used

• Reduces the risk of contamination of the final product and assures compliance with the requirements of the HACCP Directive (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points).

• Threading and manual closure for easy mounting.

• Insulating material.

Raw material


Cable ties 22 detectable DT

Directiva RohS

Technical characteristics

* The values indicated according to IEC 62275 have been tested under the equivalent standard EN 62275.

BS EN 62275 is the UK implementation of EN 62275 and IEC 62275.

Quality marks

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Conformity declaration

CE para la Canal 93

Detection systems

Metal detectors

Unex Detectable cable ties 22 DT have been tested (*) by metal detectors. For the purpose of guidance, the smallest cable tie piece detected by metal detectors until 200 mm aperture is:

Dry product




Humid product




(*) Testing conducted with products and inspection equipment by METTLER TOLEDO. A cable tie’s detectability can be influenced by certain factors (type of analysed product, type and sensitivity of the detection device, inspection speed). It is recommended to carry out a detection test at several checkpoints.

X- rays devices

Unex Detectable cable ties 22 DT are also susceptible to be located by X-ray units..

Visual detection

The blue colour of Unex Detectable cable ties 22 DT allows easy visual detection along the whole process and reduces contamination risk.

A product with added value

Highly resistant insulating locking mechanism.

Own raw material specially designed to avoid breakage.

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