Insulating cable tray 66 halogen free in


3 m



RAL 7038

Continuous or perforated base

For support, protection and conduction of cables

• Excellent equipment protection.

• Suitable for outdoor use.

• Designed to support full load.

• Maintains its features up to 90ºC.

• Inherently resistant to humid and saline corrosion.

Raw material

Materia prima propia U24XCable trays and elements

Directiva RohS

Technical characteristics

* The values indicated according to IEC 61537 have been tested under the equivalent standard EN 61537.

BS EN 61537 is the UK implementation of EN 61537 and IEC 61537.

Conformity declaration

CE para la Canal 93

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Higher safety for the installation

Insulating material: increased protection for people and cables


Provides additional insulation for people and cables, which remains unaltered in the course of time.

Insulating material:

Good resistance to humid and saline corrosion


The raw material assures excellent behaviour in front of corrosion; this feature is inherent, it is not achieved by applying a coating to the final product.


Therefore, the corrosion protection remains unchanged:


• In the course of time.

• After cutting and manual processing the material in the worksite.

Outdoor behaviour


Unex raw material is formulated to achieve good resistance to outdoors.

• Unex insulating cable trays are designed to absorb linear expansion. The "d" distance between two lengths varies depending on the difference between the maximum temperature and the installation temperature.

High impact absorption

Impact test acc./IEC 61537* at the minimum declared temperature.


Unex designs its cable trays to avoid impact damage at their lowest declared temperature (-20ºC).

Except part numbers 66100-48 and 66101-48 (10J).

Impact test acc./EN 50085-1*


Unex insulating cable tray with cover is considered a protecting enclosure (trunking) by the European Standard EN 50085-1*.

Trunkings are considered enclosures when they are submitted to IK impact tests acc./EN 50085-1*.


Impact test for trunkings: IK10 (with cover fixing).

Reaction to fire

Our own formulation of the raw material is designed to obtain better results than standard ones.

Unex cable tray passes the flammability and flame-propagation tests included in IEC 61537* with the best classification achievable for organic materials.

Glow-wire test IEC 61537*.

Test measuring the material's flammability by overheating a conductor.

Non-flame propagating IEC 61537*.

Test measuring flame spread caused by electrical ignition sources.

Flammability test UL94: V0 (thickness of the material tested: 3.2 mm).

No heat propagation.

As a result of the low thermal conductivity of insulating materials, no hot spots are generated away from the fire source.

* BS EN 61537 is the UK implementation of EN 61537 and IEC 61537.

* BS EN 50085-1 is the UK implementation of EN 50085-1.

Designed to work at 100% cable capacity

Safe working load test Type I acc./IEC 61537*

• Longitudinal deflection <1% and transverse deflection <5%.

• Safety coefficient 1.7.

Allows placing the junctions at any point between two brackets, assuring the safe admissible load.

Type I full load

Higher safety for the installation.

Simplification of the calculations on cable management system design, execution and control of the installation. Load resistance in future extension of the installation.

Safe working load (SWL) in kg/m or N acc/ IEC 61537*

For cable trays of width ≥ 300 mm the use of a base union is necessary to comply with the requirements of full load transverse deflection defined by international cable trays Standard IEC 61537.


A packaging designed to protect the product's characteristics during transport and storage, until the moment of final use.








*BS EN 61537 is the UK implementation of EN 61537 and IEC 61537.

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