Furniture supply 51

Furniture box






Flexible runway


1 or 3 m





Closed rings runway


1 m





For furniture cabling and wiring

• Furniture boxes which can be supplied from the ceiling, floor or wall.

• Versatile system, composed of a round-edged box and a translucent cable runway, adaptable to any office layout.

• Mobile and light system.

• Two runway sizes and one socket box with unlimited capacity for expansion, to meet all requirements.

• Easy fixing to all kind of furniture with relocation freedom.

Raw material

Materia prima propia U23X Furniture box

Directiva RohS

Technical characteristics

Quality marks

Conformity declaration

See updated technical information
of each part number on

CE para la Canal 93

Supply options

From suspended ceiling

From the floor

From technical floor

Mounting of switches and sockets

Safe and easy mounting of switches and sockets

Free choice and composition of switches and sockets

Electrical outlets

• MCB’s (Miniature circuit breakers).

• RCD’s (Residual current devices).

• Niessen-Zenit*.

• Simon* 27.

• Mosaic*.

• Simon Connect* K45 and compatible.

• Eunea Unica*.

• BJC*, Sol.

• Mosaic*.

• Simon Connect* K45 “linkable”.

• Eunea Unica*.

• Simon CIMA 500*.

DIN (Bipolar)


Modular double

Data connectors

Compatible with:

• Systimax solutions.

• Universal type Keystone.

Flat plate 1 RJ45

Compatible with:

• Systimax solutions.

• Universal type Keystone.

Flat plate 2 RJ45

Compatible with:

• Universal type Keystone.

Angled plate 2 RJ45

Reduced stock of fittings. Same system for mounting switches and sockets for: Trunking 93, Modular box 85, Service pole 50, Service post 50 and Furniture supply 51.


* These brands belong to third parties; they are not related to Unex aparellaje eléctrico, S.L.

A system adapted to each work space

Furniture boxes can be:

• Extended according to the requirements.

• Easily relocated, thanks to their removable fixing system.

Removable furniture box:

Fixed furniture box:

Fixed furniture box:

Without flexible runway:

Other possibilities:

Mechanical safety


Suspended ceiling and floor fixings are secured by screws.

Strong fixing to furniture

Both fixing systems assure that the furniture box remains firm and holds the pull of socket outlets.

Electrical safety

IP4X protection degree on the furniture box inlet through the flexible runway.

Cables are well-retained to avoid tugs and failures in electrical contacts.

The system’s own adapters maintain the required protection degree IP4X when connecting to socket boxes as well as to trunking, modular box, service pole and service post.

Easy and comfortable mounting

From the suspended ceiling

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