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RAL 9010

For fixing and connecting pipes in split type air conditioning systems

• Innovative design that facilitates the handling of pipes and speeds up the air conditioning system assembly process.

• Solid mounting bases that make the system more secure.

• Robust, rectilinear-shaped system that guarantees an aesthetically pleasing, durable finishing.

• It does not scratch or get dirty during transport and installation due to the protective film.

• Standard white trunking that you can customize as you please by painting the desired colour, using any brand available in the market.

• Easy and fast to paint due to its porous touch, achieved through our formulated raw material.

Insulating material

Raw material

Materia prima propia U23XTrunking



Materia prima propia U24XFittings

Directiva RohS

Technical characteristics

Quality marks

Conformity declaration

CE para la Canal 93

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of each part number on

Two assembly systems to choose from, depending on the base

Detachable strip for HVAC with pre-cuts

• Freedom to choose the length of the base without needing to cover the whole wall section.

• Easy to measure and align the sections without using tools.

• Good finishing system, because it absorbs the wall unevenness.

Single base plate for HVAC

• A solid piece for each cover width, which ensures system robustness.

• No need to alter or cut the base to install it.

• Fast assembly, because the base is directly positioned on the wall following the straight level line marked previously on the wall.

Easy to install pipes and cables

• Possibility of choosing the most suitable Unex cable ties dimension, up to 7.6 mm width, ensuring the anchoring of pipes and cables.

• The base slots allow new cable ties to be placed without disassembling material already installed.

• The fastening of pipes and cables is completely independent.

C-shape cover for HVAC

• Rectilinear design that integrates with the construction elements, giving the system a nice finishing.

• Its rigidity ensures good anchoring to the base and prevents deformations.

• A single part number for the two types of base.


• Fittings with bending radii suitable for the laying of the pipes that guarantee a correct function of the installation.

• Robust, single piece design, assembled above the cover, hiding the cuts.

• Greater length of the fittings to better adapt to the cover and absorb the wall unevenness.

C-shape cover with protective film

No scratches or stains: protected with film, our Trunking 31 arrives in perfect conditions to the site. Once the assembly is finished, removing the film is easy and fast, leaving a clean and neat installation.

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