Trunking 93 halogen free in


2 m



RAL 9010

For perimeter power supply of work spaces

Free choice of switches and sockets.

• Possibility to attach or flush-mount in walls and furniture.

• Excellent equipment protection.

Can be painted.

Raw material

Materia prima propia U24XTrunking

Materia prima propia U24XFittings, accessories and switches and sockets adapters

Directiva RohS

Technical characteristics

* BS EN 50085-2-1 is the UK implementation of EN 50085-2-1.

Quality marks


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of each part number on

Conformity declaration

CE para la Canal 93

Safe and easy installation

Trunking and fittings

Protective film

Film protector en todas las referencias de canal

For all trunking part numbers.

Fittings in 2 pieces

Internal angle

External angle

Ángulo interior
Ángulo exterior

All items are pressure mounted.

The internal piece allows easy measuring of the cover and holds the cables.

• The external piece covers the cut marks of base and cover. It is not necessary to slide the cover. IP4X protection degree is assured.

Flexibility to combine a variety of switches and sockets

Electrical outlets

• Niessen* Olas, Arco, Tacto, Zenit and Stylo.

• Jung*.

• Simon* 31, 75, 88, 82.

• Mosaic*.

• Bticino*.

• Eunea*.

• Berker*.

• Gewiss*.

• Simon* 27.

• Simon Connect* K45.

• Mosaic* and compatible.

• Eunea Unica*.

• Simon Connect* K45.

• Mosaic*.

Universal CEE-7


Modular double

*These brands belong to third parties, they are not related to Unex aparellaje eléctrico, S.L.

Mounting of switches and sockets

Flexibility to combine a variety of switches and sockets


Unex trunkings are designed to combine different types of installations: electrical, TV, audio-video, sound, data, security, control, etc.

Possibility of extension and evolution of the installations, with no dependence on the type of outlet installed.


Safe and easy installation

Seguridad y facilidad de instalación de mecanismos

Double-piece adapters:

Internal piece: for a solid fixing to the base and easy measuring of the cover.

External and embellishing pieces: hide the cover cut marks and assures protection degree IP4X.


Safer installations

Canales de 1 tapa

1 cover trunking

• The removable divider is easy to mount and has a solid fixing to the base in order to separate power and data.

• In case of circuit separation a socket box is required.

Canales de 2 tapas

2 covers trunking

• Independent compartments with fixed divider.

• Independent access for the users to any type of installation.

• The spare section for the passing of cables increases, because it is not necessary to use switches and sockets box.


Protección frente a la penetración de cuerpos sólidos

Protection degree IP4X against solid foreign objects:

The system of adapters for Trunkings 93 assures protection degree IP4X or IPXXD against solid foreign objects, acc./EN 50085-2-1.

Resistencia a la extracción conforme EN 50085-1

Resistance to wrenching:

The adapters for power outlets resist 81N, in compliance with EN 50085-1 and European regulations of power outlets.

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