Trunking 93 in aluminium


2 m




RAL 9006

To mount switches and sockets in environments where a neat finishing is required

• Free choice of switches and sockets.

• Possibility to attach or flush-mount the trunking on walls and furniture.

• Fixed division with independent covers and possible sub-divisions.

Raw material

Materia prima propia U24XTrunking

Materia prima propia U24XFittings, accessories and switches and sockets adapters

Directiva RohS

Technical characteristics

* BS EN 50085-2-1 is the UK implementation of EN 50085-2-1.

Conformity declaration

CE para la Canal 93

See updated technical information
of each part number on

Easy installation

Trunking and fittings

Protection of data cables

Fittings in 2 pieces

External angle

Flat angle

Internal angle

External angle

Allows you to keep the right bending radius.

Internal pieces allow easy measuring of the cover.

External pieces hide the cut marks of base and cover. It is not necessary to slide the cover. Assures protection degree IP4X.

Mounting of switches and sockets

Safe installation

Maximum electrical safety


• The system has clamps to facilitate the earthing of base and cover.

• Insulating socket boxes for connections.

• Unex switches and sockets assure a minimum pulling resistance of 81N and comply with the demands of European Standard EN 50085-1 as well as each country standard for switches and sockets.

Flexibility to combine a variety of switches and sockets

Electrical outlets

• Niessen* Olas, Arco, Tacto, Zenit and Stylo.

• BJC*.

• Jung*.

• Simon* 31, 75, 88, 82.

• Mosaic*.

• Valena*.

• Bticino*.

• Eunea*.

• Berker*.

• Gewiss*.

• Mennekes*.

• ABL*.

• Simon*.

• Niessen Zenit*.

• Simon* 27.

• Simon Connect* K45 and compatible.

• Mosaic*.

• Eunea Unica*

• BJC Sol*.

• Mosaic*.

• Simon Connect* K45 “linkable”.

• Eunea Unica*.

• Simon CIMA 500*.

Universal CEE-7

Industrial socket box


Modular double

Modular triple

• Simon Connect* K45 “linkable”.

• Mosaic*.


• Niessen* Zenit.

• Bticino*.

• Unica-Allegro* (3 modules).

• Gewiss*.

DIN (Bipolar)

• MCB’s (Miniature circuit breakers).

• RCD’s (Residual current devices).

Data connectors

Compatible with:

• Systimax solutions.

• Universal type Keystone.

Flat plate 1 RJ45

Compatible with:

• Systimax solutions.

• Universal type Keystone.

Flat plate 2 RJ45

Compatible with:

• Universal type Keystone.

Angled plate 2 RJ45

Reduced stock of fittings: Same system for mounting switches and sockets for: Trunking 93, Modular box 85, Service pole 50, Service post 50 and Furniture supply 51.


* These brands belong to third parties; they are not related to Unex aparellaje eléctrico, S.L.

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