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Insulating solutions for rooftop installations

Being permanently exposed to UV rays, climatic variations and attacks by birds or rodents, the insulation of cables and pipes, in this type of assembly, suffers great deterioration that directly affects the performance of the installations, shortening their service life.


Unex offers insulating solutions for cable layout and protection.


With more than 45 years of experience in outdoor installations and under the effects of UV rays, our products proved to be suitable for this type of applications.

Our solutions for conducting and protecting the cables


Cable ties for tying of cables


The values indicated according to IEC 62275 have been tested under the equivalent standard EN 62275. BS EN 62275 is the UK implementation of EN 62275

and IEC 62275

Insulating solutions for rooftop installations


Unex formulates its own raw materials to obtain improved technical characteristics, adapted to the needs of the most demanding customers.


The quality of Unex solutions is guaranteed by strict compliance with product and application standards, as well as by obtaining the most prestigious Quality Marks (third party certification) and Approvals. Unex products comply with the RoHS directive.


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2.0 tools available on


Unex offers different tools for specification:


• Unex Project for the dimensioning of Unex insulating trunkings.

• BIM-REVIT and 3D-DWG object library for the entire Unex range.

• Configurator to quantify and calculate your needs.

• Mounting video of Unex´ Insulating cable trays on a rooftop.