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Insulating solutions in airports

Unex offers a wide range of possibilities to meet the requirements of cable conduction and protection in different areas of airport premises. Unex solutions provide:

Electrical safety: insulating material,

no earthing required.

Quick and easy mounting.

Fire safety.

Good performance outdoors.

Resistance to corrosion.

No maintenance.

Mechanical resistance.

Power stations


Power supply of motors, electrical cabinets and other equipment.

Power supply of airport generators with cable tray.
Insulating cable tray mounted in airport power stations
Cable distribution in airport basement and technical galleries

Supply of transformers


Complete and permanent insulation. Excellent performance outdoors.

Technical galleries


Distribution of high, medium and low voltage cables for the supply of beaconing devices, radars, control tower, navigation cabinets, etc.

Cable distribution in an airport technical gallery.
Supply of the airport power station transformers.



Supply of gangways and passenger boarding bridges.

Supply of gangways and passenger boarding bridges
Electrical installation with cable tray in airbridges.
Cable tray providing electrical safety for the installations.



Cable distribution in baggage unloading and handling areas, passenger terminals, hangars and car parks.

Cable distribution in baggage unloading and handling areas.Instalaciones en Terminales aeroportuarias.
Cable distribution in airport terminals.
Insulating cable tray with quality marks.
Cable ties with quality marks.
Unex cable tray complies with regulations in force.

Certified products


Installing products with quality marks is the best way to assure that they comply with regulations in force and that all technical data are periodically checked by an external control agency.

Unex tools for specification


Unexproject: your tool for configuration and dimensioning.