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Insulating solutions for the chemical industry

Higher safety, less cost


In industrial activities it is critical that power and data services are well-protected against humidity, corrosion and outdoor exposure. Unex insulating cable management systems are unaffected by corrosion and provide good protection against outdoor exposure, the UVs and chemical agents, increasing reliability and safety of the installations for persons and for the equipment, and enhancing the plant’s productivity.

• Electrical safety:

Insulating material.

Earthing not required.

Avoids leakage current, hot spots and electrical arcs.

• Mechanical resistance.

• Resistance to corrosion.

• Over 40 years experience in outdoor


• UL Certification for outdoor use

of Cable trays 66 in U23X

• Protection for the cables.

• Quick and easy mounting.

• No maintenance.

Complete solution in aggressive environments


Unex insulating cable management systems are endorsed by more than 40 years experience in installations under different atmospheric conditions and in aggressive environments. Therefore, our products can be mounted in most industries submitted to corrosion:

• Chemical (detergent, paint, etc.).

• Petrochemical.

• Pharmaceutical.

• Paper industry.

• Fertilizers.

• Metallurgical (galvanizer, steel, etc.).

Solutions in chemical industry


The quality of Unex solutions is guaranteed by the strict accomplishment of product and application standards, as well as by obtaining quality marks and approvals.





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Behaviour against chemical agents

Unex solutions assure good performance in corrosive environments and resist to the most common chemical agents (acids, oils, alcohols, etc.), according to
ISO/TR 10358 and DIN 8061.


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