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Trunkings as constructive elements
or as part of furniture

Integration: Unex designs its products with neutral and rectilinear shapes in order to adjust to any environment, space

or type of installation.

Trunking in aluminium colour installed in the hallways
Cable distribution in hospitals using insulating cable tray
Perimeter trunking for flexible installation of sockets and outlets
Perimeter trunking for flexible installation of sockets and outlets
Perimeter trunking for flexible installation of sockets and outlets
Trunking in aluminium colour installed in hospital receptions
Mini trunking installed in hospitals
Furniture supply for cable distribution in hospitals
Insulating trunking for or cable distribution in hospitals

Free-designing: Flexibility to combine a variety of switches and sockets. It can be painted. Different possibilities

of superficial treatments. Posssibility of attached or embedded mounting.

Flexible and adapted solutions

Flexible and adapted solutions for new cabling necessities

Evolution / Adaptability


Technological evolution increases the complexity of the installations. Unex solutions adapt to the new necessities and areas of the hospital, assuring excellent medical attention to the patient and a higher comfort for the medical personnel.

Maximum flexibility,
minimum impact


Flexible and insulated solutions. The wiring installation can be easily modified or enlarged, assuring this way a reduced interference of installation and maintenance works on hospital activities.

Flexible and insulated solutions
Insulating trunking reducing possible sources of fire

Complete protection for the user


Insulating material: no risks in case of indirect contact; possible sources of fire are reduced; no earthing is required. Electrical safety guaranteed.

Quality marks:

added value for the product


Installing products with quality marks is the best way to assure that they comply with international standards and that all technical data are periodically checked by an independent control agency.

See technical data:  www.unex.net

Skirting board duct installed in hospitals waiting room

Unex tools for specification


Unexproject: your tool for configuration and dimensioning.