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Insulating solutions in photovoltaic facilities

The International Standard IEC 60364-712 describes the recommended requirements for photovoltaic installations, which usually have specific constraints: Operating power which can be higher than 700V DC; no RCD´s providing electrical protection between PV panels and inverters; maintenance without switching off the power; climatology (rain and humidity, corrosion, UVs, wind, extreme temperatures, etc).


To meet the requirements of cable conduction and protection in the different areas of photovoltaic facilities, Unex offers a wide range of possibilities providing:

• Electrical safety:

• Insulating material. High dielectric strength.

• Earthing not required.

• Avoids leakage currents, hot spots and electrical arcs.

• Mechanical resistance. Sturdy design, high impact resistance even at low temperatures.

• Resistance to corrosion.

• Over 40 years experience in outdoor installations.

• Protection for the cables.

• Quick and easy mounting.

• No maintenance.

Solar rooftops with tilted panels


Instalação elétrica numa cobertura solar de um centro de logística

Solar rooftops with horizontal panels


Instalação elétrica numa nave industrial
Instalação elétrica num centro de logística
Instalação elétrica numa escola

Amorphous silicon panels


Cobertura de um centro comercial com painéis de silício amorfo

UL Certification for outdoor use of Cable trays 66 in U23X

Inverters and technical rooms


Inversores numa microprodução
Inversores num centro logistico

Solar farms


Electrical installation of single axis tracking arrays
Cable tray installation in PV array wiring conductor
Insulating cable tray in fixed arrays installation
Insulating cable tray in fixed arrays installation

Own formulated
raw materials

Solutions adapted to weathering and extreme climatology

With enhanced technical characteristics and our own naming system.

Cable conducting elements may reach a higher temperature than the surrounding area due to close heat sources and to the effects of the sun and reflection. Unex solutions cover a temperature range from -50ºC to +90ºC (-58ºF to +194ºF) in outdoor applications.


For further information, please contact us: technical.assistance@unex.net.

Certified systems


The quality of Unex solutions is guaranteed by the strict accomplishment of product and application standards, as well as by obtaining Quality marks and approvals.


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