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Insulating solutions for OEMs

Unex offers a wide range of solutions to meet the wiring requirements of automation technology and mechanical engineering.

• Certified products: accepted in the most demanding international markets.

• Electrical safety: insulating material. Higher protection against indirect contacts.

• A system resistant to the most common corrosion in industrial processes.

• Aesthetical integration, organized and concealed cabling.

• Easy handling and mounting, clean cut of the sidewalls, no burrs.

• Sturdiness, impact resistance and solid fixing of the cover, conferring higher safety to the installation.

Own formulated raw materials


With enhanced technical characteristics and our own naming system.

Certified system


The quality of Unex solutions is guaranteed by the strict accomplishment of product and application standards, as well as by obtaining quality marks and approvals.

See updated information of each part number on www.unex.net

Configurator and Unexproject


Your online tools for configuration and dimensioning.







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