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Unex offers a wide range of possibilities to meet the requirements of cable conduction and protection in different areas of water treatment plants. Unex solutions provide:

Insulating solutions in water treatment

• Electrical safety:

Insulating material,

Earthing not required.

• Avoids creepage, hot spots and electrical arcs.

• Quick and easy mounting.

• Good performance outdoors and to corrosion -over 45 years experience in outdoor installations.

• No maintenance.

• Mechanical resistance.

Wastewater treatment plants


Electrical installation in a wastewater treatment plant.
PVC cable tray resistant to corrosion.

Germany, 2007

France, 2001

PVC cable tray installed outdoor.
PVC cable tray can be easy mounted.

France, 2008

Australia, 1986

PVC cable tray installed in aggressive chemical environments.

Spain, 1981

Russia, 2012

Desalination plants


Australia, 2018

Bahrain, 2010

Pumping stations


Italy, 2008

Germany, 2009

Ports, channels and dams


Drinkable water plants


Spain, 1996

Russia, 2008

Certified products

Swimming pools


The quality of Unex solutions is guaranteed by the strict accomplishment of product and application standards, as well as by obtaining Quality Marks and Approvals.





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France, 2010

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